Peru court backs drunken worker

Peru’s highest court has ruled that employees cannot be fired for turning up to work drunk.

The Peruvian government has criticised the constitutional tribunal’s ruling as setting a dangerous legal precedent.

According to the judgement, sacking a worker because he is drunk is disproportionate and unreasonable.

According to the seven judges who make up Peru’s highest judicial authority, the sacking of Pablo Cayo was excessive because he had not been violent or rude and had carried out his work as usual.

My kids are going to have to work their asses off if they ever want something. Same way I did.


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2 thoughts on “Peru court backs drunken worker

  1. This is a point I’ve tried to get across many times but I can’t do it directly or I might get fired.

    If someone is able to be as efficient, if not more, regardless of the state he’s in, the hairstyle, the clothes, why not accept it?

    I know places have regulations, but if for one day, they experiment by lifting some of the pointless regulations and see if productivity increases? What if it does?

    It’s just an assumption though.

  2. I agree. When I worked at a coffee shop and went to work stoned, the customers loved me and tipped me twice as much, i’d be much more pleasant, much more easy going, much more conversational and all around a better happier employee. But when i wasn’t stoned, I’d be quiet and introspective and while my work ethic was the same, i just didn’t give a shit about the customers. My manager was cool tho, it was his shop, and he told me I was free to get stoned before work, because he saw how it made me more sociable.

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