6 thoughts on “Pedal-Car Gets Pulled Over By Toronto Cops.

  1. I wonder if there is any specific law/s broken by pedaling a car on a state/county/province road. The cop didn’t seem to think it was illegal, yet would not let them proceed for safety reasons. What safety reasons? Too slow? Perhaps can’t stop well enough (on a downgrade)?

  2. You’d have to get it properly registered and insured as an experimental vehicle, the particular requirements vary state to state. The minimum requirements are usually that it has turn signals, brake lights, etc.
    But these guys are kind of idiots if they really thought they’d get away with it.

  3. “The safety factor is… unsafe” lol

    I think the lack of a license plate is what got them in trouble first. I like the concept but taking that car out on city roads wasn’t the brightest idea.

  4. I’m just enjoying the picture of them going down on a slight incline and then trying to brake. I guess they could have rigged some sort of brake system, but I’m not sure they thought this out very much.

  5. That was a group of biker cops right?lol I’d hate to be in that thing while driving down a steep hill. Asking to break your ankles. Great idea, but doesn’t seem very safe or to go fast enough.

  6. This is cool! First I read quickly comments and I thought it’s about some toy car. But this is really funny 🙂
    What’s the definition of “car”? Maybe they could have said it was bicycle…

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