Obama retakes oath of office after flub

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WASHINGTON – After the flub heard around the world, President Barack Obama has taken the oath of office. Again. Chief Justice John Roberts delivered the oath to Obama on Wednesday night at the White House — a rare do-over. – Do-over: Obama retakes oath of office – White House- msnbc.com

Fucking Roberts.  You need to be kicked in the shins, repeatedly, and then forced to read the oath from the cue cards that you should have had from the beginning ya bastard!  I read somewhere ( think cynical-c ) “what a perfect example of the situation at hand, Obama being fucked over by a decision of GW Bush.”

What more could you ask for in a legacy then having a Supreme Court Justice unable to properly administer the oath of office for the incoming President?

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  1. The assumption that you have something memorized is usually wrong, especially when it is so important. To memorize properly you need mnemonics, or absolutely nothing else to do…ever. Emotions always get in the way of using your brain well. Roberts should have known better.

    Hopefully Obama’s presidency is now plane-proof (see The World According to Garp)

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