Vagina ripped apart by water fountain

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Yang was at the town square in the Henan Province of China watching the musical fountain show with some friends, dancing around the light bursts of water and enjoying herself when from below her a jet erupted, projecting her above the heads of her friends.

When she landed, Yang was bleeding profusely and her energy succumbed to extreme stomach pains–her friends called for help and she was immediately taken to the hospital for treatment. The doctor explained that her vagina had been torn and her intestines had been damaged by the pressure of the water fountain–damage that would take three surgeries over a seven month span to correct.
Vagina ripped apart by water fountain


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13 thoughts on “Vagina ripped apart by water fountain

  1. @nyokki: Ouch… Well I think it’s possible, there are nonabrasive waterjets that are used to cut steel. Like you said however, you would require very, very high pressure to do this kind of damage, but it would only require a fraction of pressure that a water jet cutting machine produces cleave flesh. Having not actually seen how powerful these jets are, it’s hard to say, but it does seem really unlikely.

    But if it was powerful enough, I think that the size of the hole, even what she was wearing, would have been largely irrelevant. It would simply have made it’s own way through her. Whether it went through her vag or not would have been purely circumstantial.

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