8 thoughts on “650 Million Years in 1 Min. and 20 Sec.

  1. I’d give anything just to live long enough to see all that happen. To see how the changes affect the ecology and societies. To actually have a long term perspective on the condition of our world and our universe.

  2. I saw this all happen. I was there at the conception. We were all like, “this is pretty cool”, but [the Big picture here] got real boring real fast (sic), and we realized the real interesting stuff was all the rapid bio-organic-psychichemical interactions of the tiny life forms blinking in and out of existence. So we congeal our greater selves into transient vessels and suspend our memory of the big picture to go for rides as those tiny lifeforms.

    Starstuff pondering starlight?

    I AM the Higgs-Bosen motherfuckers!

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