5 Horrific Serial Killers (Who Are Free Right Now)

#2 Pedro Lopez


Why You Don’t Want to Meet Him:

Here’s everything you need to know about South American serial killer Pedro Lopez: when he confessed his crimes to police, they refused to believe him. They listened to him tell his story, glanced at each other and said, “Oh, bullshit. Get outta here.”

Then, a flash flood uncovered a grave containing Lopez’s victims. A mass grave.

pedro3 5 Horrific Serial Killers (Who Are Free Right Now)Lopez had killed over 300 girls in Peru, Colombia and Ecuador. Authorities put him in prison in Ecuador and then explored ways to attach the entire prison to a rocket and fire it into the sun.

Why You Might Meet Him Anyway:
It turns out Ecuador has no death penalty, so Pedro, who has served the maximum sentence of 20 years, was secretly released in Colombia in 1999. So he served about three weeks for each person he killed. That seems fair.

So Where Is He Now?

Two possibilities. He can be in Ecuador, the place where he killed the most victims (an average of three per week). In his own words: “I like the girls in Ecuador, they are more gentle and trusting, more innocent”.
But, seeing as he is pursued by InterPol over a recent 2002 murder, there is one more possibility. A country where Latino immigrants have been making their way for years, a place where a such a man can basically disappear among his own people, and find employment. We’re not going to come out and say that Pedro Lopez is hiding out in America, or that he could be doing work around your neighborhood at this very moment. But he totally might.

See who the rest are at cracked.com.

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  1. I wrote a song in my old band about Karla Homolka.

    Also that Japanese cannibal was misquoted when they claim he said human tasted like tuna. What he said was that it had no smell or taste but melted in his mouth like raw tuna [sashimi] Jeez!

    The serial killer reboot needs to be worried about is that 13 year old girl that preys on intelligent older men, luring them in with promises of risque taboo sexual escapades, then drugging them and eating their juicy brains…

  2. reboot’s brain does not contain juice. his brain sits in a canister filled with electro-fluid so he can observe the universe and contemplate its anomalies without the distractions a physical body can produce.

    he’s building several new bodies out of kevlar and pig iron so he can eventually take over the earth. he will then proceed to recruit followers and design an army of 20 other cymeks who will then proceed to let an evermind out of its prison, and then as a team they will all work to conquer every life sustaining planet in the galaxy.

    then reboot, who has by this time changed his name to Agamemnon and has cultivated a great jealousy for the Evermind, will try to overthrow the computer mind with his wildly unpredictable human ways.

    alas, in the end he is defeated, his plan never comes to fruition, and all the glory goes to those he hated and fought.

  3. @natedog: Not quite. My existence is somewhat more interesting that the rambling of a couple corpse-fucking sci-fi hacks. I would be reluctant to leave my brain some place where it could be tipped over by a clumsy janitor.

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