15 thoughts on “Imagining the Tenth Dimension

  1. 5:10 is where they turn on the crazy. Apparently nobody explained General Relativity to this guy, because then he would know there is a difference between time-like dimensions and space-like dimensions.

  2. Superstring theory is an example of a unified field theory. A unified field theory is anything that attempts to explain gravity and quantum mechanics in the same theory.

  3. @reboot: Good, I wasn’t as confused as I thought I was. I vaguely remember in one of my science courses the prof explaining that the problem w/ string theory is that it would require 10 dimensions and everyone laughed. Of course, that was when Complexity theory was still Chaos theory. Super string theory seems the least weird theory out there now.

  4. I think this video like stated at the end gives a poor visualization of dimensions when compared to how they can have been explained. I think the problem comes from the fact that the video is shown in 2D, A good site to get started on learning about dimensions dimensions-math.org/Dim_E.htm gives a good visual representation up to the fourth dimension.

    There are however other theories such as Garrett Lisi’s 8th dimensional theory seen on the TED talks website www.ted.com/index.php/talks/garrett_lisi_on_his_theory_of_everything.html

  5. I should have thought of this joke sooner:
    A mathematician is being interviewed by a reporter. The reporter asks, “How do you imagine all of those abstract concepts, like 8 dimensional spheres?”
    The mathematician replies, “That’s easy. I simply imagine an n-dimensional sphere and set n equal to 8.”

  6. @reboot: Hahah, I’m gonna find a way to insert that joke into a lecture.

    @1llume: I actually understood my video better, but I’ve always had a difficult time visualizing math. I’m more of a process person. I remember, during a test in calc 3, having to use my cigarette pack to figure out some surface problem in 3d. I just don’t “see” it well. All that said, the visuals were gorgeous, especially the fractals.

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