Should Mars be treated like a wildlife preserve?

dn16546 1 300 Should Mars be treated like a wildlife preserve?

Life has not yet been found on Mars, and no one is sure whether it will be. But some researchers say it is not too early to consider the possibility that humans could do irreversible damage to indigenous Martian life. — Should Mars be treated like a wildlife preserve? – space – 05 February 2009 – New Scientist

My opinion?  hell yes.  we need to be careful that we don’t contaminate the entire planet with our own filth, if only to find out of Mars has any life of it’s own, even if it’s in microbe form.

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  1. I strongly agree that Earth should be abandoned and set up as an -experimental- reserve, but I still think Mars should be turned into a factory planet. Move all major industry and harmful manufacturing processes to that red wasteland, and let us live in urban space stations until we get our heads on right / set up some sweet terraformed moons to call Paradise 1 thru X

  2. I think that if humankind ever set up some sort of space station made for long term habitation, there would be serious deleterious effects to our health, overall. Without a decent intake of real sunlight everyday, we wouldn’t produce proper amounts of Vitamin D; without all the beneficial bacteria in the world around us that we ingest and breathe in every day, things like immune response, digestion, and even mood would be altered (check out this addy, can’t figure out how to link it:
    ); we might be able to do it, but there would have to be some developments in understanding, and some big considerations to make.

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