Ultimate Alliance 2 Trailer

so they’re apparently trying to use the civil war story line here? one of the biggest storyline flops in recent history? good luck with that guys. I’ll play it, only cause I’m a marvel fanboi, but shit, try to get something original pls.

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10 thoughts on “Ultimate Alliance 2 Trailer

  1. you know what else made a ton of money? The Clone Saga. We won’t be seeing a repeat of that shit for a while I hope, much like I hope they get over this stupid Civil War/Secret War/Invaders from Skrull storyline.

  2. @reboot:
    there’s really only two or three storylines from marvel and dc that I haven’t liked: clone wars, civil war, and this rediculous final crisis countdown shit that DC is doing.

    I totally loved Planet Hulk, and World War Hulk was the shit (a little anti climax, but whatever)

    and really, I dug the Ben Riley spider-man costume 😉

  3. Civil War was the shit, until they started getting towards the end… then it was just shit.

    Captain America kicked absolute ass in the beginning… (Some of his quotes were just plain… All I can say is it made me proud to be American, really.)

  4. Judging by this trailer, this looks GAY. I am entirely unfamiliar with the plot or storyline, but the graphics/visuals, look fuck awful – totally queer AND lame. After watching that trailer, my first thought was… clay would have been a much better choice than those weak-ass boring graphics.

    “Oh, i am surrounded by foes, how insignificantly droll…” -Anyone featured in said trailer.

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