Sheriff Leon Lott Might be the biggest dickhead in Law Enforcement History

sheriff uniform Sheriff Leon Lott Might be the biggest dickhead in Law Enforcement History

Lott says the picture indicated a law was being broken in his jurisdiction. He said he couldn’t ignore the violation just because Phelps is rich and famous.

We’ve now learned that since investigators began trying to build a case, they’ve made eight arrests: seven for drug possession and one for distribution. These are arrests that resulted as the sheriff’s department served search warrants.
WIS News 10 – Columbia, South Carolina | Eight arrested in Michael Phelps case

Ok, so there might have been some weed smoking going on.  EVERYONE PANIC.  Does this dickhead not realize that every President of the United States for the last 20 years has admitted to smoking the refeer?  Hell, GWB was even an admitted coke head.  Get with the times man, please stop shitting all over our great country with your stupidity.

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21 thoughts on “Sheriff Leon Lott Might be the biggest dickhead in Law Enforcement History

  1. This guy is obviously a douchebagdickheadassholecocksuckerwithsandinhisvagina. The college decided not to take any action, the state decided not to take any action, the city decided not to take any action…but this noodlehead from the county decided to take action against this heinous crime.

  2. He should have his medals taken away. Everyone knows smoking weed makes you swim way faster.

    Officer cleancut will suffer the justice of the cosmos when he gets the big C and is begging for weed to make the pain and nausea go away.

  3. A California officer just fatally shot a young black male who was not only lying face down but held by other officers, just a month ago. I don’t think THIS guy is the biggest dickhead in the history of law enforcement, just a martinet.

  4. @Twosticks:
    I think you might be right about that, and really there’s no ‘king of the dickheads’ when it comes to law enforcement. they’re all generally dickheads. It’s more like there’s a groups of ‘elite dickheads’, and both the execution at the subway and this sheriff arresting 8 people over smoking are part of this ‘elite dickhead’ clan.

  5. My rant was against cops ‘of that sort’ in general. There are just these dickhead cops around that think their job is nothing but enforcement. I know a lot of cops and the ones I know hate these guys, it makes them all look like assholes.

  6. I don’t think all cops are dickheads, granted there are some bad apples that spoil the bunch, but I’ve got an uncle that is a detective, had a sensei who was ex police, and many of the sheriff’s deputies in my county are really cool guys. That being said, when I’m a suspect or ‘person of interest’ I expect them to do their job, and be aggressively assholish, full force.

    Just in case I ever am a suspect and a jury needs to know my attitude towards the police.

  7. I think the problem with police and other law reinforcer(s) is that the part where they work on behalf of the public is forgotten.

    The low level law enforcers can be assumed to just be following orders, or expectations from those in power (the dominant ideologies). This doesn’t make it OK, it is more or less just there reason.

    Like any job, a person has expectations to be successful and provide security(through $) for themselves and their families. In these situation it can be seen how following orders is the only way to do this. Especially when the public does not defend itself. The public in my mind has become complacent, and no one will stand up and speak out ( not to be cliche, but it can be parallel to Germany in the early 1900’s where people stood by and few spoke out until it was to late.(not to say this is the case but think about it))

    Simple examples of this is the number of voters, and the fact that people stand for a limited majority party system.


  8. @ihatecops: Phelps should have lied through his teeth and insisted that it was some fad flavored tobacco. Just pull a flavor out of his ass. Say, bubblegum. Nobody would have been able to prove it, and who wants to testify against an Olympic hero for pot?

    But no, he did the “honorable” thing and pretty much admitted it.

  9. Tiki, what’s up w/ the reply arrows not working?

    Hopefully it’ll be cases like his, that crash the stereotype, that will eventually legalize, or at de-criminalize, pot. If he lies, his character is suspect by everyone. He tells the truth and 50% (random number) back him.

  10. @nyokki:
    We learned a huge lesson from Bill Clinton. Anytime someone asks you if you did something they have evidence of, you say “Yes, I did. I deeply regret it.” Eventually, we will live in a society where the appropriate answer will be “Hell, yeah, I hit that bong!” or “Yes, I got my dick sucked in the Oval Office. So?”

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