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As the number of identity theft victims rises rapidly, more and more people are seeking ways to eliminate the risk of this heinous crime. Protect your family members from mail theft with the Secure Mail Vault, a curbside locking mailbox that will withstand vandalism, tampering, weather and even your occasional baseball bat. Since access is allowed only by entering a user-programmable security code, you’ll have quick, keyless access to your mail, but thieves will be left frustrated.
Post ops. – The Red Ferret Journal

Identity theft? That’s what this is for?  Looks like it would be able to withstand some seriously crowbar / shotgun action too.

 Secure Locking Mailbox
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7 thoughts on “Secure Locking Mailbox

  1. @tiki god: I had a seasonal job at Best Buy and customers constantly thought that the “check ID” comment on the back of the card was going to do something.

    “You didn’t check my signature”

    “The vast majority of identity and credit theft is done over the internet, ma’am. If someone other than you had your card, you would have noticed it was gone, and canceled it. Right?”

    “Uh, good point”

  2. @Twosticks: Signatures on credit cards are NOT there for identification purposes. The signature is there because the credit card is a legally binding contract. Does anyone really expect a register jockey to do forensic handwriting analysis?

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