Castle Hills to charge for 911 calls

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 Castle Hills to charge for 911 calls

Forget your one phone call from jail. Castle Hills city leaders unanimously passed an ordinance that says you get one free phone call for EMT help once a year. It’s called the First Responder’s Fee. If you call 911 and EMT’s respond to your house more than once in the same year, you’ll be charged a $55 fine. City leaders say the goal is to recover some of the response costs, and to stop the overuse of the system.
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wow, wtf guys.  seriously?  so if I’m driving down the road and see a woman get hit by a car, and then 2 months later my mother has a stroke, I’ll be charged for the second call?

Note to self: Never live in Castle Hills.

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6 thoughts on “Castle Hills to charge for 911 calls

  1. We have something similar here, but it’s not based on how many calls to 911 you make.You’re basically allowed 2 911 calls every 18 months that are…uh…something less than an emergency. Everything here is voluntary, fire and EMT/Ambulance, and it costs a lot to send them out. It really is ridiculous what people will call 911 for and I don’t think we need the fire dept because your cat is stuck in a tree or EMTs because its your monthly trip to your doctor’s appt and you don’t have the money for a cab..

  2. @nyokki:
    People really call for a cat in a tree? Fuck them then, yes, you should charge for that stupid shit.

    but if I’m having a heart attack, then fuck you for charging me!

    Unless it’s my 10th heart attack this year. Then it’s my fault, I should stop eating chicken wings with fire sauce, right?

  3. I drive through castle hills twice a day, and got a speeding ticket sometime in January. I save up my dollars and head over there to pay the fine (Two fines actually, one doing a 48 in a 35, the other expired inspection). They accept my money for the inspection ticket, but say that I’m allowed to take the driving class for a reduced fine.

    I consider. But I have the money, its sincerely worth the money to me to not have to be inconvenienced.

    But oh, whats this? They’ve got an ordinance on the books. If you’re under 25, and have a speeding ticket, you MUST take the driving class. So my choice is pay the full ticket, and take a class, or take the class, and have the ticket dismissed.

    Maybe not too bad in retrospect, but everything about anything I’d encountered in the term of government has been corrupted.

  4. If they would charge people for all the bullshit calls, (cats in trees, drug seekers, etc), then this would be straitened out. A neighboring county where I live actually gives Paramedics the right to refuse service. Normally this is considered abandonment, but in that county, if you’re obviously abusing the system, they can refuse service.

  5. @Kaze: If you think about it, even USA is corrupted. There is some law now that you can’t put money in a parking meter that’s not with you car, because the city gets money from parking tickets. So basically you have a bunch of people saying “FUCK YOU, PAY US” with no remorse. Kind of fucked, don’t you think? It makes me want to shoot some cops because they other night, I was driving without a seat belt (why does it honestly matter if I wear a seat belt?) and got paranoid as shit when the cop came up real close to me and then backed off to check if I was drunk or something. My car’s transmission has been acting up lately and luckily it was ok for the time being. But basically they look for people to pull over for stupid things just to get money from tickets, who pay their salary. Vigilante justice seems more and more like a good idea. I can’t drive my car because it’s not registered? How about leaving me the fuck alone.

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