String Theory predictions can be tested experimentally

One of the biggest criticisms of string theory nova pbs elegant universe brian gre String Theory predictions can be tested experimentallyis that its predictions can’t be tested experimentally–a requirement for any solid scientific idea.

That’s not true anymore.

At a AAAS session on Sunday, physicists said string theory is making important contributions to the study of two extreme forms of matter –one heated to trillions of degrees, the other chilled to near-absolute zero. In both cases the matter became a “perfect liquid” that ripples and flows freely, like water. String theorists analyzed the results by applying what they had learned from pondering how a black hole might behave in five dimensions. Then they went on to calculate just how free-flowing these liquids might be, predictions that the experimenters are using to guide the next stage of their work.

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  1. That article sucks, but I’m going to have to study this some more. Gluon Quark matter and Fermi Gas are usually modeled with standard quantum mechanics. Fermi Gas is hard to make, but the theory behind is usually studied in undergrad. So I’m wondering why they need to bring in string theory and the article doesn’t explain.

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