Microsoft software glitch

SEATTLE – A few weeks after launching the first wide-scale layoffs in its history, Microsoft Corp. admits it screwed up a key part of the plan.

First Microsoft realized that an administrative glitch caused it to pay more severance than intended to some laid-off employees. The company’s response: It asked the ex-workers for the money back.

Wow. Surprising, no?

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6 thoughts on “Microsoft software glitch

  1. Brummel said she didn’t know whether an Excel spreadsheet was at the root of the problem.


    I’m not surprised they had to lay-off some workers. I don’t think any part of the market is going to be untouched before this is all over.

  2. HA! I can only imagine the conversations that were had. “Hello. You were laid off last week and we want some of the severance money you got back.” “WHAT? Fuck off.”

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