RIAA Undergoing Massive Layoffs

The Recording Industry Association of America is firing scores of workers, a “bloodbath” as some have described it.

The recession, and its announced pullback of its 5-year-old litigation campaign, are among the reasons.

Hypebot.com reports dozens of RIAA workers are being let go. The “RIAA as you know it is probably history by Tuesday of next week,” the site says. The site predicts the group is likely to merge with the International Federation of the Phonographic Industries, the RIAA’s European counterpart which is part of the ongoing trial against The Pirate Bay in Sweden.

Cara Duckworth, an RIAA spokeswoman, says in an e-mail to Digital Media News that: “Can’t confirm number but I can confirm there were layoffs.”

The move comes two months after the music industry’s litigation and lobbying front announced an end to its 5-year litigation campaign, in which more than 30,000 individuals had been sued for file sharing. The RIAA, which defeated Napster and Grokster in court, said instead of litigation it would work with ISPs to suspend file sharing copyright scofflaws – a plan that has not materialized.

Duckworth did not immediately return e-mails or phone calls for comment.

The Motion Picture Association of America, the film studio’s litigation and lobbying arm, announced layoffs weeks ago.

Fuck yeah! A bunch of nasty little peope with nasty little minds. The recession may be worth it if all these groups end up disbanding.

 RIAA Undergoing Massive Layoffs
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