17 thoughts on “The Truth About Drug Commercials

  1. How long have we allowed direct marketing of drugs on TV? I don’t think it has been that long. I remember being surprised when I first noticed it. I was also surprised when I first saw commercials for liquor on TV again. Cigarettes next? I doubt it, they’re still anathema. Crazy shit.

  2. @nyokki:
    I remember always seeing drug commercials and adverts. The liquor thing was surprising to me too when I saw them popping up everywhere. Do people really need to be advertised to in order to purchase liquor? I’ve never bought liquor based off of adverts 😛

  3. I wonder how much marketing/advertising really affects our purchases. I don’t think it affects me that much, but you can’t get away from it. I suspect it affects me more than I think it does.

  4. @tiki god: I know, but it’s so comfy. Steroids mess w. your body’s ability to regulate temperature. I, unfortunately, seem to swing from freezing if I’m sitting still and sweating if I’m doing anything physical. All regardless of ambient temperature. No snuggie? No sitting here typing in I-D or M[c]S.

  5. @tiki god: Yes ‘roids have medicinal uses. They suppress the immune system and since my immune system insists that my joints are something foreign to be destroyed at all costs, immuno-suppressors are good, even w/ the nasty side effects. They’re also good for allergic reactions, which is how I first ended up on prednisone.

  6. @Puulaahi: I had a prednisone IV drip while I was in the hospital after an allergic reaction to sulfasalazine. It was horrible. When I finally got out of the hospital I was on 180mg p/d for months. I’m now down to a maintenance dose, but every time we try to lower I break out w/ frikken pustules all over my skin. So, apparently I’m stuck w/ the shit for the rest of my life.

  7. Man that sucks ass nyokki. Anyways,is anyone really surprised by this? America is a capitalist society, and as much as i love capitalism this is one of the evils it can produce. The best part is that i used to defend drug companies, up until i saw how much money my moms buisness was making off of catering for pharmaceutical reps. One year alone the business made 250,000 dollars off of pharmaceutical reps ordering our catering services for a visit to Dr.Whoever’s office. We worked mostly for Pfizer. Anyways i am sure i can fit something about medicinal cannabis into this blurb…oh wait! If medicinal cannabis is legalized you are looking at about 80% of pharmaceuticals being rendered obsolete. So how can a pharmaceutical company protect their profits? Why by making New Diseases of course! And by using vague guidelines to make normal occurences in life sound like a horrible Disease!

  8. @thelotuseater725: I realized how scary the idea of direct marketing to consumers of drugs was when I saw some of the meds I had been on-on the TV. Enbrel, Humira, Raptiva, Remicade, etc…These are serious meds that have to be taken by injection or IV. The possible and likely side effects are nothing to fuck around w/. I had to stop Methotrexate because of liver damage. I had to stop Enbrel because of injection site propblems (and I inject insulin daily w/ no such problems…ever in 40+ years). I can’t expose my skin to the sun for more than a few minutes, so now I have to take vit D supplement. I have to take meds to counteract the side effects from other meds. It’s literally insane the # of meds I take daily. My mom is 76 and needs no meds of any kind. I got the short end of the gene stick.

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