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Has anyone else checked out Sanctuary yet?  So far, I’m ok with the series, but hearing Amanda Tapping’s amazingly bad British accent is somewhat difficult to deal with.  After hearing her on Stargate : SG1 for so long, now it’s seriously impossible to deal with this new accent she seems to picked up Madonna style.

The basic premise is that Samantha Carter’s character is some impossibly old/hot chick that researches and protects ‘abnormals’ which to you and me are monsters of legend, like werewolfs, cavemen, vampires, etc.  There’s a Scully/straight character who’s introduced to the world along with the viewers, and at times it’s awkward, but enjoyable.  I’m currently watching the 6th episode which is a humorous retale of a certain Star Trek episode.

If you’ve ever watched and ‘original sci-fi’ series before you’ll know the basic feeling of the series.  Cheap CGI with some decent acting and over the top plots with just enough realism to keep you coming back week after week.

As a totally related/unrelated note, Hulu is practically worthless with this series, as episodes pop on and off the site all the time with no reliability of what you’re going to be able to see on a day to day basis.  This is one of the reasons that I’ve started to lose faith in Hulu.

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  1. So far, it’s ok. I’ll be back for the next season. It takes scifi/fantasy series a season or two or three to find its footing. Character development takes time and I’m willing to give this show the benefit of the doubt.

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