BMG Music Service closes doors

.3 10 2009 10 13 07 AM BMG Music Service closes doors

BMG Music Service is being discontinued as of June 30, 2009.
That doesn’t mean your music savings are coming to an end. Your savings can continue with our other service,, where shipping is always free and there are no automatic shipments.
Return To Sender: BMG Music Has Been Discontinued

I vividly remember being a member of Colombia House’s version of this until I realized that I was being ripped off.  It was not a happy realization, but one that I acted on immediately, cancelling the service and sending an angry letter to an editor somewhere.

One of the last times that I bought a CD too.  From that point on it was copied tapes and then copied cds and now onto mp3s, which oddly enough are legally free.  God bless Amazon’s free mp3 section and bands like NiN and Harvey Danger.

 BMG Music Service closes doors
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  1. LOL I’ve been a member of both, canceled my Columbia House membership for the same reasons, and have been a member of BMG ever since. Still am actually, not that it matters since they are shutting down…

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