Drug companies invent diseases.

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The special issue, edited by David Henry, of Newcastle University in Australia, and Ray Moynihan, an Australian journalist, reports that conditions such as female sexual dysfunction, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and “restless legs syndrome” have been promoted by companies hoping to sell more of their drugs.

Other minor problems that are a normal part of life, such as symptoms of the menopause, are also becoming increasingly “medicalised”, while risk factors such as high cholesterol levels or osteoporosis are being presented as diseases in their own right, according to the editors.

“Disease-mongering turns healthy people into patients, wastes precious resources and causes iatrogenic (medically induced) harm,” they say. “Like the marketing strategies that drive it, disease-mongering poses a global challenge to those interested in public health, demanding in turn a global response.”


I myself suffer from ADD. While there are legitimate cases such as myself it has largely become a serial diagnoses based on Vague criteria that could apply to anyone. For the most part people like me who legitimately have it rarely bring up their disorder in most conversation. Most of us who truly have it actually feel ashamed to talk about it because most of the people diagnosed with it do not truly have it. I\’ll elaborate more but i will wait for responses.

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  1. My youngest was misdiagnosed as ADHD. He was given ritalin which ended up showing that he had Tourette’s and ritalin exaggerated his tics a lot. It took a while but he was finally dx’d as Bi-Polar. He’s been on various meds but decided to taper off his meds when he graduated high school. That decision, along w/ not going to college, had me freaked at first, but he did ok. The next year he started college and did fine and graduated (5 years). As long as he can control his schedule and work around the mood swings (sometimes severe) and manage his job. He has some OCD tendencies (socks drive him crazy), but Paxil sent him over the edge and he had to be hospitalized (psychiatric) for the third time. That was 3-4 years ago. He’s been fine since and absolutely refuses to take any meds.

    I hate, absolutely fucking hate, what docs dx and rx people (especially kids) these days. Kid act out now and then? Medicate him. Your child having trouble making friends? Medicate him. Problems at school? Medicate him. Left pinky shorter than the right? Medicate him. It makes it so much more difficult for those whose problems are very real and very serious. People think they know what ADHD/ADD, Tourette’s and Bi-Polar means, but they don’t. Trying to get him through high School was the whole reason for me becoming a public school teacher. I decided to become a teacher at his school so I could be there if needed and also to keep an eye on the school and the way they treated their BD kids.

  2. does your little boy want to run around and play instead of sitting still in a chair all day? then he just might have adhd.
    i know someone who had ritalin prescribed to his puppy because it ran around and played too much

  3. ‘Bi Polar’ is something that can be traced back to a source and recreated making it an actual scientific fact that someone can have it. Interrupted communication between the lobes. It can cause psychotic behavior but so can any chemical imbalance.

    ADD is a byproduct of not being able to smack kids anymore. What does a teacher do now when a 5 year old calls his bluff? A 5 year old could sit there telling everyone to fuckoff and suck his asshole and they have no way to show him why he shouldn’t. Restless leg? Quit boring me and I’ll stop moving my fucking leg. 90% of these could all be called Pussyitis and cured with a punch in the stomach.

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  5. @tiki god: Yes socks. I first noticed it when he was 10 or 11. He was sitting on the couch next to me and he kept pulling up his socks, even though they were already up. I started counting how often he was doing it (w/out his knowledge) and stopped when I hit 300 after ~1/2 hour. To this day he is freaky about how his socks “fit”. I can’t get him to buy white socks. He did agree to gray at one point, then promptly didn’t wear them. Go figure. I’m so used to it, I barely notice it anymore. His tics are a bit more noticeable, but he manages it pretty well.

  6. @1llume: That really pisses me off. Are these people even adults? They’re acting like kids who have no understanding of responsibility. Is everyone cheating at everything now? It’s becoming ridiculously clear that no one can be trusted. We have to check and recheck everything someone else tells us. I’ve been on every med listed in the article.

  7. I was diagnosed with ADD at the end of second grade. I was given riddlin throughout my third grade year, and had two mild seizures at the end of it (the kind where you just sit there and feel disconnected from the world in a way more than emofag way). They decided it was related to the riddlin. I still honestly don’t know if I have ADD or ADHD or epilepsy. Flashing lights never bothered me.

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