Hulu Is A Year Old

.Hulu Hulu Is A Year Old

At 1:46 a.m. on this day last year, the Hulu service exited beta and was made broadly available in the US. While the Hulu team is going to gather around the taco truck later today and offer a toast or two, we thought it might be fun to also share some stats and photos of our first year with readers of the Hulu blog.
Hulu Blog 365 days and counting: Hulu launched publicly one year ago today.

Wow, has it really only been a year that I”ve been watching things on Hulu?  In reality, it’s only been several months, as I didn’t really watch too much on it until I got involved with PlayOn, which really opened up my world of VOD through my 360.  Congrats to Hulu, and hopefully they’ll continue to add new services and content providers on a daily basis!

 Hulu Is A Year Old
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6 thoughts on “Hulu Is A Year Old

  1. @Puulaahi:
    yes, they have commercials. usually you get the option of watching one full size commercial before your episode, or watching 3 small ones. that’s hardly like regular television where a 15 minute episode of Robot chicken lasts 30 minutes due to all the commercials in it.

  2. @Puulaahi: All the shows I’ve seen have exactly the same number of commercial breaks as broadcast TV, but only one commercial per break. I can’t see how that is, in any way, worse.

  3. I have problems every single time I try to watch anything on hulu. I’ve just given up trying and dl what I want. Netflix has an instant watch feature that’s really nice. I’ve been watching back seasons of Meerkat Manor.

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