Marvel Delays Some Movies

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Marvel Studios originally announced back in May of 2008 that Iron Man 2 and Thor would both be out in the summer of 2010 and that The First Avenger: Captain America and the highly anticipated Avengers movie would follow in 2011, but that schedule was just a bit too ambitious. Marvel has announced today that Thor has been delayed until June 17th, 2011 and that The First Avenger: Captain America has been pushed until July 22nd, 2011 to account for that change. Additionally, The Avengers has been delayed until May 4th, 2012, a complete 31 months from now.
Marvel Delays Thor and The Avengers An Extra Year! «

While yes, this breaks my heart, I think I’ll survive.  The simple fact that these movies are in the pipeline warms my cockles.

 Marvel Delays Some Movies
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