SciFi Channel to change Name

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After nearly 17 years on the air, SCI FI Channel in the United States is changing its name. So what will the new moniker be? What word will help it stand out in the competitive cable market, as a channel that is about more than space ships and time travel? Is it something to do with “Imagination?” Or “Fantasy?” Or “Possibility?”

Nope. The channel is rebranding itself as: Syfy Channel.
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What the fuck?  Someone desperately needs to smack the heads around over there.  First them brought in wrestling, and now they’re changing the name?  Guess it’s time to make another science fiction channel, because obviously this one is evolving away from the genre very quickly.

 SciFi Channel to change Name
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12 thoughts on “SciFi Channel to change Name

  1. Such is the fate of all specialty channels. It’s much more profitable to have a broad range of programming that appeals to the lowest common denominator than to have specialty programming that only a small percentage of people would be interested in. Other examples are the devolution of The Nashville Network into Spike TV and The Learning Channel into a reality show network.

  2. Also if you actually read the press release:
    “Syfy meets the need of a globally relevant, trademarkable brand that stands for something unique to the brand in each territory.”
    So they want to sue people who use their name, which they can’t do if their name it Sci-Fi.

  3. If it means that they’ll actually makes some really good movies, I’m all for it. The Stargate series were pretty good. I know a lot of people like BG, but I just couldn’t get into it. All I’m waiting for now is the next season of Dr. Who.

  4. @tiki god: I’ve been watching Dr Who for as long as I can remember. PBS was the only channel we were allowed to watch, when I was a kid. The original BG came out when I was a teen and I loved it. I’m not sure why I loved it…it was so bad. Prolly the blond guy. I tried to watch the new one and just found it a little too serious and not nearly campy enough. It’s clearly a well done show; I’m just not interested in it anymore. Part of the problem is the sheer number of shows to watch. There are shows I like but simply have no time for. I’ve had to prioritize and some good shows have been knocked off my list.

  5. @reboot:

    Oh good god TLC is the worst offender of all. I used to watch that channel all the time. So a few years ago i turn it on

    1 – Home makeover.

    2 – Building things. Bikes, hotrods, or giant blenders.

    3 – Gay men making over straight people to make their lives better.

    4 – Crazy unconventional families who are not like main stream Americas’ family.

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