An attack on religion ( No really. It isn’t just christians whining about atheists being mean this time)

So earlier this month the Connecticut senate was issued RBN 1098. The bill was essentially a call for the Connecticut government to come in and start running the catholic church within the state.As far as who introduced the idea of the bill is stillo up in the air. There are suggestions that disgruntled catholics have a hand in it and other groups of catholics claim that it is a direct response to the infamous Prop 8 decision.
There is more in regards to the origin of the bill in the following link.

Now obviously this is is unconstitutional on a multitude of levels. It is obvious that it is a gross violation of seperation of church and state but it is also more than that. This bill very well may represent one of the first Active efforts to truly oppress christians-or any religion- in the USA. Now obviously it goes without saying that christians are far from oppressed. We are the largest religion in the world and are followed by islam. Now we could easily argue that the whole removal of “under god” from our currency and pledge were the first attempts at “oppressing” the religious in this nation because it actively seeked to cover up the fact that america is predominantly christian. But that is more speculation than real fact. Historically speaking our nation was founded on religious freedom so in some respects having “under god” on our money was showing that the government favored faith. Obviously the true motive of that case was based more on constitutional laws/rights than it was an effort to oppress christians. Much like how one could very easily argue that the Scopes Monkey trial was one of the nations first overt acts of deliberately oppressing atheists of their right to teach their beliefs and the simple right to present evidence that could be contradictory to a groups beliefs.

But this is where RBN 1098 drastically differs from Michael newdow and Inherit The Wind. For the most part this bil actually asks for the government to come on and take authority over a religious organization for whatever reason. Now imagine that tomorrow President obama goes and signs a bill that really fucks over the nation and appears to be oppressive to a group of people. Would the Church be justified in saying ” hey government, you are doing pretty bad right now. You are so corrupt and oppressive right now that we need to do something to make sure that this doesn\’t continue. So we are going to come in, completely bypass any rights you have as a private/ public buisness or organization and put in people that WE choose so we can monitor you without a third party agenda interfering. ” Well if you have kept up with me sop far you will notice that the actual group of people who make up the church are completely denied there right to run their church as they see fit. They are stripped of their democracy and they are at high risk of an opposing group stripping them of their religious rights. The only thing they retain is their voice and their beliefs. And even then they could be punished for their beliefs because of a refusal to obey the system they had rightfully created. This isn\’t the first time we have seen anything like this either. We all know about the Witch Hunts in europe and america. We all know of the crusade style jihads islam carried out. They all started by actions like this. For the safety of all faiths and beliefs we must keep vigilance on our government lest we have a horrible war on our home soil.

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10 thoughts on “An attack on religion ( No really. It isn’t just christians whining about atheists being mean this time)

  1. That is total garbage. I can’t imagine that a bill like this would survive the light of day. The Constitution is very specific on this point and this bill clearly infringes on the Separation of Church and State.

  2. Here’s a Washington post article from last week about
    According to the article, 1098 was an amendment to an already existing statute. Not only was 1098 withdrawn, the original statute is now under review.

    @thelotuseater725: “..the Scopes Monkey trial was one of the nations first overt acts of deliberately oppressing atheists of their right to teach their beliefs..” I disagree. Science teachers are not necessarily atheists. You already said you were drunk when you wrote this, and I’m working on getting there myself at the moment, so ’nuff said on that subject.
    Thanks for posting this weird and interesting news article. For whatever reason, this is the first I had heard about it.

  3. Eh. While the Catholic Church needs to be dealt with in some way shape or form in the United States (for much the same reason Scientology does), this is not the way to do it and is intrinsically harmful to the whole of the religion, not just the dangerous parts.

  4. @leattime20: What is so wrong with Catholicism? Is it the organization? The consistency between churches? Or maybe the sheer number of Catholics?

    People just love to attack organizations.

  5. @TGGeko: I dunno, the obstruction of justice, harboring of pedophiles, refusal to apologize for entirely too long for all of this, inhumane treatment of its members, historical crime, etc.

    Not all Catholics are bad, just like there are plenty of Scientologists who I don’t agree with but who I don’t otherwise hate. It’s the organization as a whole which perpetrates these crimes.

    Where I live, by the way, Catholics are a minority population of Christians, so no, it’s not their pervasiveness. On a pure annoyance level, the Baptists piss me off, but they don’t harbor criminals as an organizational policy.

  6. @TGGeko: I personally have no major problems w/ Catholics; I married one and my dad was Catholic too. Actually, of all Christians, I get along w/ Catholics best. They’re not evangelical, rarely pushy and generally pragmatic. If I’ve ever met a scientologist, I didn’t know it. Two of my cousins are Jehovah Witness, but again I’ve never heard them talk about it. I don’t even know if all JW are door knockers. Hmmm, now that I think about it; I wonder if the reason I get along w/ them so well is because I have no opinion on their religion. I’ve never brought it up and neither have they. Knowing that side of my family, I’m sure my JW cousins had to listen to a rash of shit from far too many of them.

  7. If I had to pick with a fault to put up with, I would rather deal with the pushy evangelical proselytizing, rather than the cover up, sheltering, and denial of prosecution of serial pedophiles.

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