United Farm Workers Say “No” to White House Garden

large obamagarden United Farm Workers Say “No” to White House Garden

Yes…you did read the headline of this post correctly. It appears that the United Farm Workers Union is pretty upset with the Bancroft Elementary School 5th graders planting a garden at the White House. According to a post over at ScrappleFace, the UFW is raising questions about whether or not the project is a violation of existing child labor laws and – get this – a violation of “the spirit of collective bargaining upon which this great nation was founded”.

If that is not bizarre enough, there’s more. According to the post:

The UFW has demanded it be allowed to organize by means of a card-check vote, in which the 11-year-old laborers would be invited by their teachers to sign a card affirming their desire to unionize without a secret ballot.

And, still there is more. The post attributes an unnamed UFW spokesman as further stating:

There’s a reason why vegetable harvesting is one of the many jobs that no American will do. Hauling out those sheaves of arugula is back-breaking work. These little children aren’t smart enough to negotiate their own contracts, and so they need a father figure to decide what’s good for them. That’s what unions do for their members.

It is frankly shocking to most Americans that the first African-American president would send workers into the field without pay, to toil under the unforgiving sun, bearing the fruits of their labors to the table of the man in the big white house.

I don’t know what to deal with first – but I’m going to try to hit as many points on this ridiculous stance as space and time will allow….
United Farm Workers Say “No” to White House Garden | Michelle Obama Watch

Lol, unions are funny in a sick, wtf way.

 United Farm Workers Say “No” to White House Garden

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