augmented reality eyewear from Vuzix

vuzix vr920 ar augmented reality eyewear from Vuzix

Nintendo ain’t the only company making waves at the Game Developers Conference this year — oh no, we’ve also got Vuzix gettin’ down and dirty with a brand new addition to its video eyewear segment. Said outfit has teamed up with metaio in order to showcase a new Augmented Reality Accessory Kit for the VR920 head-mounted display. The bundle will include the CamAR — a clip-on USB camera that is designed to accurately track objects and the user’s position in three-dimensional space — along with the PhasAR wireless augmented reality input controller. When these are used in unison, users are able to simultaneously see what’s going on in the Matrix and in the display. For instance, imagine reading a book that’s tied into a program on the VR920; as you read along, images can pop up and complement the text. Far out, right? The full release is after the break, and we’ve been told that the attachment should sell for around $100 on top of the $399 VR920 when it ships around mid-Summer.
Vuzix dips toes in augmented reality, makes video eyewear cool again

Just in time to go with your virtusphere, now you can have augmented reality too!

 augmented reality eyewear from Vuzix
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