Otterbox Armor Waterproof Case for iPhone

btyproduct1 Otterbox Armor  Waterproof Case for iPhone

Otterbox Armor – Waterproof Case for iPhone
Unparalleled iPhone protection – Otterbox provides the safest way to store and use your handset.

Product Description: The absolute pinnacle of iPhone protection, Otterbox is without a doubt the safest place to keep and use an iPhone. For starters, Otterbox cases provide a completely water, sand, dirt and dust proof enclosure. Second, the case is constructed from an ultra rigid, crush proof and virtually unbreakable molded Polycarbonate shell. The hinged clamshell type enclosure features an internal high-density shock protection system comprised of full-surround, closed cell impact absorbing cage which protects an iPhone from extreme impacts, drops and G-forces.

Full Featured and Guaranteed for Life: In addition to superior protection, Otterbox iPhone cases allow complete control of the installed iPhone via a tough and thin membrane atop the iPhone’s touch screen, and flexible rubber control surfaces above the iPhone’s buttons and switches. A fully sealed audio jack interface saves wear and tear on your iPhone’s audio jack since headphones connect directly to the Otterbox’s super tough and waterproof jack, not your iPhone’s jack.

Limitations: Preserving full phone functionality in a completely waterproof case requires the following: An iPhone-compatible headset, like the included Apple buds or RadTech’s ProCable In-Ear headset, a Bluetooth headset that supports HSP, like the world’s smallest RadTech BT400GL, or use the handset in speakerphone mode.

On land, sea or air, Otterbox iPhone cases provide superior protection and lifetime peace of mind for your digital lifestyle.


* Protection from all peril – waterproof, dustproof, dirtproof, sandproof, and drop-proof
* External audio jack compatible with any iPhone-compatible headset
* Fully operational touch screen and controls protected by ultra-tough membranes
* Otterbox waterproof cases for iPods available here

*Note: OtterBox cases for iPhone are rated to a depth of 3 feet / 1 meter.
Otterbox Armor Waterproof iPhone Case – Rugged and Durable iPhone Case – RadTech Products

Now all we need is a case to use our iPhones on the moon!

 Otterbox Armor  Waterproof Case for iPhone
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