BlockBuster following CompUSA and Circuit City?

bb BlockBuster following CompUSA and Circuit City?

Blockbuster may be counting down the days until it’s forced to close its retail stores, the company revealed in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission this week. In the filing, the company revealed that it may not be able to meet the terms of a recent $250 million loan, and that there was “substantial doubt” about its ability to continue as a business in the near future.
Blockbuster may be headed for great strip mall in the sky – Ars Technica

I have no doubt that blockbuster isn’t going well.  If you click through to the Ars site, they list a whole plethora of reasons, but mine is that I don’t know a single person  that’s rented from them in the last year or two.  it’s a dead service now, why go down to a store when I can legally stream or download movies via hulu on my xbox?

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8 thoughts on “BlockBuster following CompUSA and Circuit City?

  1. hulu barely has any movies, I doubt that’s what’s killing them. On-demand and Netflix are what’s making Blockbuster obsolete. Where are all the hipster Tarantino-wannabes going to work now?

  2. And who is surprised by this? No one. And Netflix has the right idea building up their streaming service. Gamers are even gonna get the niceties of streaming when OnLive comes up.

  3. I can’t remember the last time I rented from Blockbuster. I’m sure I have a card somewhere. Blockbuster doesn’t have all the weird, foreign and series that Netflix has. As RSI said, Netflix now has both streaming and instant watch choices. I just re-signed up w/ Netflix (they still had all my info too) and canceled all my movie channels on cable; saving me nearly $50 per month. I also got Vonage and knocked $60 p/m off my home telephone bill. That’s a new pair of shoes every fucking month!

  4. Last time i rented a movie at blockbusters,
    they charged me more in late fees than the
    movie originally cost.

    when i found out about torrents, half of the
    fun of downloading was denying blockbuster their
    rapacious late fee.

    havent rented a movie since 2003.

  5. @LukeV1-5: A good pair of shoes is worth the money. Try it out sometime. Also, I stand on my feet all day (when I’m working). My podiatrist has a shoe store attached to his office and they’ll custom-make shoes for you. My left foot is a little smaller than my right, so I actually wear 2 different sizes. Custom shoes are pricier than ready-made, generally $250-$350 for mid-priced, but they last forever and are ridiculously more comfortable.

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