10 thoughts on “Gronstal blocks amendment to reverse Iowa marriage equality

  1. Let people do what they want as long as their actions don’t hurt other people. Gay people deserve the same rights as everyone else. Equality for all is the dream that is America. People put stigmas on things they don’t understand or don’t even attempt to understand..

  2. Agh. Seriously, why is it anyone’s business what goes on in my genital region?! Two consenting adults = not your problem. I am seriously pissed off that the marriage laws in CA and AZ have been changed with the specific purpose of discriminating against same sex couples.

  3. My opinion? Quit calling it marriage at the legal level. Just call it a union. Let people call it whatever the hell they want in their personal relationship.

    When I get unioned, I’m gonna call it Durbboodonglogordoggor.

  4. Interesting. My middle son said exactly that the other day. He said it regarding gay people and blacks. So much of his (and my youngest) life is spent online that color, gender and sexual orientation become moot. I hope it’s true. I am so happy w/ all of them; I did good. 😉

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