7 thoughts on “Gathering Storm

  1. “A rainbow coalition of people of every creed and color are coming together in love to protect marriage.”

    WTF! That is one screwed up idea of what freedom is. Storm of fear and paranoia.

  2. People who think the word “marriage” is sacred and has something to do with their religion are out of their fucking mind. Marriage was not created from religion. Unions between two people have existed since, goddamn I don’t know how long, but a really long fucking time.

  3. Should just abolish marriage in its form where you have to have a justice of the peace validate you, common law couple is the way to go, people can choose if they want to be recognized. then religious ceremony is just that for those who are apart of their religion. then if your religious center wont marry you it doesn’t matter other than the fact you believe in a s**t religion that doesn’t like you.

  4. I can’t even find words for this. Everytime I think humanity has gotten rid of all possible intelligence, it finds something new to throw away. There isn’t any way that two dudes getting married violates any personal rights of mine, nor does it have any bearing on that jack-off from Jersey’s job.

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