8 thoughts on “Bill O’Reilly Hates Eminem’s New Music Video

  1. 1:20 “No buddy over 25, goes into this stuff”

    Bill-o-Reily is such a baby, makes it seem like the whole video was about Sarah Palin, I do like his idea about feminism being a left wing conspiracy.

  2. I heard that Palin has created a weird rift for her party, where there trying to git rid of any one who is not extreme right, anti abortion, same sex marriage,kind oof thing. any one with a soft stance on those things is getting back burnered.

  3. I watched the entire video on Youtube. It doesn’t JUST make fun of Palin (who deserves to be made fun of in every way possible), it makes fun of Jessica Simpson, Ellen Degeneres, Amy Winehouse, a whole SLEW of other people.

    So for Billo the Clown to latch onto a single person in a crowd of those who were made fun of just shows his massive repressed butthurt over the election results and how he’s a Conserva-tard in every sense of the word. There are conservatives, yes. There are also Conserva-tards. Bill is the latter.

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