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Continuing the fine tradition of cute tech currently infecting the industry, Lanchiya has unleashed its digital pig device called the MIP. The white orb is actually a multi-media car speaker designed to look like a pig.
Pig-based speaker system ready to make your iPod audio warm and fuzzy | DVICE

Adorably cute!  Apparently you control the volume levels with the ears.  Isn’t that just too cute?!?!

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4 thoughts on “Pig Speakers

  1. I was going to do this for my DCG project. But then I thought, bah, it’s too simple.

    I mean, it’d just be sketch, revolve, sketch, extrude, insert: surface > planar, sketch, sxtrude, fillet, demorph, insert: surface > planar, sketch, extruded cut, sketch, extrude, sketch, extrude, fillet, fillet, sketch, extruded cut, sketch, linear pattern, revolved pattern, insert: surface > planar, sketch, extrude, demorph, fillet, sketch, extruded cut, fillet, insert: surface > planer, sketch, extruded cut, revolved pattern [w/ exclusions] then mirror the whole thing.

    The legs could have been a bit of a poser, but I reckon it’d be best to build up a series of ellipses, or what have you, getting smaller as you reach the toe, then loft them all together. Then cut away part of the wide end, sketch, extrude, and then just open it 4 times in the assembly and mate them into the main body.

    I spent months saying and thinking things like this, for hours a day, to the point where I was thinking of nothing else. Is it any wonder I am insane.

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