Our Best Chance To Kill Heidi and Spencer Yet

Newlyweds Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt are now in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico — but not for their honeymoon.
She is shooting her new music video, “Sex Ed,” but it\’s been tough to focus on work in light of the swine flu epidemic.
“We\’re definitely wearing the facemasks everywhere we go,” Pratt said Tuesday on Ryan Seacrest\’s KIIS-FM radio show. “We\’re not playing — I\’m not trying to get pig flu. We\’re in isolation, we\’re in full hiding.” Montag later added, “Every second, we\’re washing our hands.”

There truly is a positive side to everything. The Swine Flu might wipe out the two most annoying people in America. One being a brainless self centered wannabe pop star and the other a asshole wannabe gangster rich white boy that seriously needs to be TKO’d. Both from the worst scripted reality show on TV created by MTV (Big F’n Surprise) : The Hills.

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