Diane Kruger Is NOT A Bastard!

dianekruger basterd Diane Kruger Is NOT A Bastard!


Here’s the latest poster from Tarantino’s (we all know this is a Tarantino movie now, right? I can stop saying that?) Inglourious Basterds, featuring Diane Kruger, who plays Bridget von Hammersmark in the movie.

I don’t know about this ‘Diane Kruger is a Basterd’ business. Girls are bitches, c-nts, sluts, skanks, whores, and queef layers, but not bastards. Dudes are bastards. Bastards, a-holes, douchebags, c-nts, twats, dipsh-ts, sh-tforbrainses, numbnuts, asswipes, dickholes, dickwipes, poopsmears, f-cknuts, fartknockers, sh-tsniffers, d-cklickers, and spunk monkeys. That’s the way it is and that’s how it shall stay, so sayeth the lord. Unless… Were they trying to imply that Diane Kruger is a dude? …Yeah, I can kind of see it now. It’s in the chin.

hahahahahahahahha This slayed me.

Diane Kruger is a total babe!!! Not a dude.

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