Governer Sarah Palin’s .50 AR-15

palins actual rifle Governer Sarah Palins .50 AR 15

At the National NRA Foundation Banquet on 14 May, Governer Palin will be presented with a custom AR-15 chambered in the powerful .50 Beowulf cartridge. The Alaskan Hunter, as it is named, was designed by Bob Reynolds of Templar Consulting. Bob was kind enough to email the photos for the rifle and its specs.
The Alaskan Hunter: Sarah Palin’s custom .50 AR-15 | The Firearm Blog

This is fucking awesome.  I didn’t even think that it was possible to chamber an ar15 for a 50 caliber round.  That thing must sound like a beast when it goes off.

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  1. I wants. Plus, Wasilla is not that bad. It’s basically become a suburb of Anchorage, with lots and lots of people making a 30 (45+ in snow) minute commute in to work.

  2. The way I see Alaska is this: Because Alaska is the so called “wild frontier.” The best and most places in Alaska are away from Civilization. Where all the wildlife and beautiful untouched scenery is.At least until there is a giant oil spill or Palin comes flying by hunting from a helicopter…classy. Therefore Wasilla does suck and everyone knows Palin does.

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