Sarah Silverman on Star Trek fans

rainrobinson Sarah Silverman on Star Trek fans

In 2007 she hosted the 2007 MTV Movie Awards. In an brief interview with Entertainment Weekly as a leadup to the MTVMA’s, she was asked: “You guest-starred on two episodes of Star Trek: Voyager. What’s one misconception about Trekkies that needs clearing up?” Her response was, “Oooh! This is totally true! Since I did that in 1996, one thing I learned about sci-fi nerds is the majority — and you’re not going to believe this because it’s not portrayed that way in movies — are black. More black people than white people recognize me from Star Trek. Black people love sci-fi. That’s a serious fun fact. You’re welcome.” [1]
Sarah Silverman – Memory Alpha, the Star Trek Wiki

Aw, I wish I knew more black people that were into sci-fi 🙁

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