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  1. LOL
    I just saw Terminator and it was meh. I did like the Marcus Wright character much more than the John Connor character. Actually I liked all the characters more than Connor.

  2. @nyokki:
    This is so true.

    Did you know that Bale was originally picked to play Marcus, and that Connor would have a small role at best. Bale said, “WHAT!? I’m a super star. I want to play Connor,” so they wrote it in.

    This movie, to me, was really more about Marcus than it was about Connor.

  3. @RSIxidor: Interesting, I didn’t know that. It makes sense and it shows on screen. Marcus was easily the protagonist, while Connor was a supporting role. My guess? This was supposed to be about showing how Connor becomes the John Connor and set to start the next movie which would be about Connor as leader of the Resistance.

  4. @Puulaahi: Actually it wasn’t bad, as long as your expectations are on the low side. It wasn’t boring and it’s well done. You may not want to pay $10 for it, but definitely worth a look-see on the torrents.
    I’m not a super-fan of any of these types of shows (e.g. Terminator, Star Trek, Star Wars). I watch the movies, I watch the series’ on tv, but I don’t really care if everything meshes and is totally cohesive. For me it’s all about the story line and character interaction. If you drop all the inconsistencies and don’t freak if the nacelles are in the wrong place, the movies become much more watchable.

  5. @nyokki: I hate going into movies with very low expectations. All about going in with high expectations or none at all and having the movie blow your mind. I skimmed some reviews and heard the cinematography is great but not the story. Only T1 and T2 exist to me. T3 was too silly for me.

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