8 thoughts on “Are they going to do it again?

  1. this was funny once, but it’s dildoes that can’t come up with an original idea that are total fa­g­gots. This is what inspired me to compose the Newfag Rap:

    callin up gamestop
    fappin when they answer
    I’m all up in yer /B/ killing bitches wit my cancer
    fuck a sagebomb
    you oldfa­gs are bastards
    ‘flood detected’? Motherfucker!
    let me post moar cancer faster

    i can’t green text
    i can’t even RON PAUL
    i can’t DICKBUTT
    and i really wanna troll
    gimme some attention and you’ll see my pooper hole
    belairs, motivators, rick astley and a duck roll

    raffin and rusin seven threads at a time
    tell me what to do if your post ends in 25
    i wont murk loar
    cuz i’m just a camwhore
    and I’ll show you my tits in my own good time

    Chuck Norris aint got shit; not even a little bit
    that fucker comes around again i’ll kill him with my fist
    you NIGGERS know the rest
    now meet me with a mask at the

    let’s close the pool at Habbo
    let’s fill it up with AIDS
    you fa­gs blocking the gate just GTFO of my way
    fuck it, motherfuckers
    i did it 3 times yesterday
    count to 5 and i’ll post tits i copypasta’d just today

    candlejack can lick my crack
    i’ve discovered how to stop him
    they say deleting system 32
    will definitely cock block him
    and if i ever manage to divide by zero
    he’ll lose the Game and then that motherfucker will an he-

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