GEN-X Genesis/NES Game System

bd92 gen x genesis nes game system GEN X Genesis/NES Game System

Perhaps you’ve seen the amazing Retro Duo NES/SNES Game System we sell that allows you to play old NES or SNES games. But do you also have a lonely pining in your heart for Altered Beast and Sonic the Hedgehog? Yep, so do we. Which is why we snapped up this GEN-X Game system which surprisingly plays old Sega Genesis and NES cartridges. You would think that Mario and Sonic might get into a brawl considering they are crammed into the same console, but amazingly they coexist peacefully and the included controllers work well for games from either system. Simply connect the GEN-X system to your TV, dig up some old cartridges and pop them into the appropriate slot to start playing.
ThinkGeek :: GEN-X Genesis/NES Game System

This is an unholy abomination that must be destroyed.  What the fuck were they thinking when they built this thing?  Surely the end of times is near!

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  1. Or you could just look up the old consoles.

    They’re still available.

    And they even have a big after-market market for parts. Like 72-pin connectors in the original NES. I have a friend who’s fixed like five of them and sold them again.

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