tiny laser-targeted smart bombs

xm 25 tiny laser targeted smart bombs

Let’s hope this XM-25 rifle with its smart bullets doesn’t find its way into enemy hands. The system is clever enough to detonate its exploding 25mm bullets within 3 feet of their targets, picking off unfortunate foes with uncanny accuracy, even when they’re hiding behind obstacles.
XM-25 rifle shoots tiny laser-targeted smart bombs | DVICE

I’ll take two please.

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5 thoughts on “tiny laser-targeted smart bombs

  1. I thought these would be standard issue by now. I remember reading/hearing about them many winters ago.

    More recently I heard the Chinese were already developing the exact same thing.

  2. Unfortunately they wont find their hands into enemy of friendly hands, we canceled the project after inventing millions of dollars into it. It’s just how we roll.

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