Priorities and Obama and Americans

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I posted this comment over on John Scalzi‘s website in response to a post that he made in which he linked to another blogger that was having an absolute shitfit that DOMA was being quazi defended by the current administration.:

I’ve seen this kind of reaction on other blogs that cover nitche topics, they all seemed to be under the impression that within the first 100 days that their specific topic was going to be addressed and omg obama is the devil for not passing new drug laws, shutting down gitmo, getting a national health plan, adjusting marriage rights, and just all around saving our country from the hole that we’ve been dug into over the last 8 years.

My opinion? Three major things at once is more then enough, with the withdrawal from Iraq, shutting down gitmo and trying to get a consensus on a national health plan. These are things that needed to be handled immediately after his move into the white house. Gay marriage, while yes, is very important is not as important as some of the other issues, and is ultimately going to be much much more difficult for the American public to swallow. Remember, Obama won by a landslide in the Electoral (365: 173) but only won by 7.2% of the popular vote. Recent polls our fellow countrymen indicate that only 42% of americans support gay marriage.

So please remember, those that want America to stop torturing, we’re in the majority. Those of use that support gay marriage? We’re in the minority. It’s not the president’s job to convince our fellow countrymen that this would be a good thing for us, that’s our job. His job is to represent would his people tell him they want in their country. Want equal rights for the gays in our country? Get out there and educate people that gay people are perfectly fine and will not eat their babies. That’s the atheist’s job anway.

TL;DR stop complaining, it’s not the president’s fault he’s doing what he’s supposed to do. go do your job. Also: is that blogger right off his meds?

 Priorities and Obama and Americans
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4 thoughts on “Priorities and Obama and Americans

  1. Don’t forget the economy. Imagine walking into that clusterfuck on Jan 20th. Almost nothing else could get done until the economy could be dealt w/ at even a minimal level. Is our collective memory so short that we don’t remember being totally freaked and nearly (or not so nearly) insane w/ fear about it? I am willing to give him a couple (maybe even four) years to do what he promised. I’m also willing to understand that what I want may not be do-able and that what he promised as a candidate is untenable as president.

  2. @nyokki: Agreed, and we do truly live in an age of short term memory. That’s the problem with the information age, so much information being reported that it’s tough enough staying on top of new information, but even harder remembering what was last reported. Plus with new technology, comes new laziness and this truth surrounds us in America.

    Personally I think Obama is doing a great job.

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