6 thoughts on “A.L.P.R.

  1. Aaaah, the ol terrorists and drug dealers propaganda

    i seriously think this is some bullshit.

    anyway, can someone get to work on some kind of cover to put over a license plate that can fuck with this computer in some way?

  2. @natedog:
    Reflective clear coating might work, but you don’t want to raise any regular police officers attention, I’m sure.

    I’m pretty sure they have something similar to this going in Texas, or at least parts of it. They’ve been really big on pushing this no-insurance thing on TV ads, and I’ve heard people pulled over for nothing and told their registration is bad. Its also possible the cop just picks them at random and runs the plate in a non-photographic system . . .

  3. In Philadelphia they use these cameras and software for the parking authority. They’re on the trucks that boot your car. They drive around waiting for a ‘hit’, check it out and boot the vehicle.

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