Boys face attempted murder trial

Two young brothers accused of attempting to murder two boys in South Yorkshire will go on trial later this year, a judge has ordered.

The two, aged 10 and 11, are accused of attacking and robbing a nine-year-old boy and his 11-year-old uncle in Edlington, near Doncaster, on 4 April.

They are also accused of sex offences in relation to the alleged attack.

A judge at Sheffield Crown Court ordered the brothers to stand trial on 2 September.

The pair were arrested after the nine-year-old was found covered in blood, in the former pit village.

Sex charges

The youngster told officers where to find his uncle, who was discovered unconscious in a nearby wooded ravine.

The two accused brothers, who cannot be named for legal reasons, each face the same charges.

These are that they attempted to murder the two boys, who also cannot be named, and that they robbed each of the youngsters.

According to the robbery charges, the brothers are accused of taking a mobile phone from the younger boy and £5 from the older boy.

They are both also charged with two counts of intentionally causing a child to engage in sexual activity.

The boys have been remanded into secure local authority accommodation.

WTF? Seriously.

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7 thoughts on “Boys face attempted murder trial

  1. @sylvanish: Clearly. Putting them in prison would only reinforce their behavior. They do need serious psych and followed for years. What’s disconcerting are the statistics show of young boys that torture and/or kill animals. None of it good. We know what won’t help, unfortunately that’s all we really know.

  2. @nyokki: Public floggings. They get X amount of lashes, and their father, right beside them, gets 1/2X amount of lashes for failing to raise them right.

    This should be the punishment for any violent crime, at any age. Three times max. You commit a violent crime 3 times, knowing full well both you and your parent is going to be flogged for it without learning better; and you are clearly not fit nor welcome for life in a civilized society. Three strikes and you are out. The floggings are public, maybe even televised on pay per view. The execution is private. No more jails. Money saved goes to cleaning up parks and neighborhoods.

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