Olivia Munn Cast In Iron Man 2

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Back in April, Olivia Munn revealed on Twitter that she has been cast in two upcoming movies: One is the upcoming Steve Carell/Tina Fey comedy Date Night, and the other is some project that she was working out for but wasn’t “legally” allowed to discuss publicly yet. Turns out that she has a role in Iron Man 2. No word on how large of a role she might play. I assume that she’ll probably be in one or two scenes, possibly as a television announcer [quite an assumption, no? -Ed]. Munn said on Twitter that her role is “definitely” bigger than her one minute appearance in Rob Schneider’s Big Stan.


Iron Man 2 is sounding better and better. Olivia is on the cover of the new Playboy that comes out tomorrow too. Unfortunately I don\’t think she strips, still tasty Asian/American flavored eye candy.

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6 thoughts on “Olivia Munn Cast In Iron Man 2

  1. Olivia Mung is a perfect example of what’s wrong with corporate america. I hate her so much, just hearing her name makes me want to puke.

    sure, she’s a good looking girl, but she’s so goddamned fake and polished that it just makes me disgusted to see anyone fall into the corporate trap and thing that she’s somehow unique or even someone that’s interested in technology or gaming.

    And as for her being on the cover of playboy, what the fuck is wrong with playboy lately having girls on their covers that don’t actually get naked anywhere at any time for a camera? This is the second time that she’s been in playboy and no nudes, ugh. I’m still holding a grudge against them for having jessica alba on their cover and not having any new pictures of her inside.

    Fuk U PlayBoy

  2. @tiki god: But Video Games are not real to begin with. You are acting out fantasies within the games themselves. So she fits perfectly.

    Plus G4 sucks ass anyhow. Olivia is really the only thing worth watching on that lame ass tv station.

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