4 thoughts on “Salvador Dali: Liquid Desire

  1. I spent a week at a Dali exhibition once. I mean like, I’d go to the gallery early each day, when it opened, and leave for meals and when it closed in the evening, but was in there HIGH OUT OF MY MIND on nothing but the artwork the rest of the time. For almost two months after that, I felt existentially drunk.

    I have an original sketch of his on the wall in my bedroom.

  2. @sylvanish: omgomgomgomgomg

    a real original sketch?

    i just came.

    i used to have about 25 Dali prints hanging around the house, but i have moved since then and lose EVERY FUCKING ONE of them.

    my favorite is the one that looks like a naked chick looking out a window, but if you are 20 feet back, it looks like Abe Lincoln’s face

    i also like that one called The Temptation of Saint Anthony. i think that is the title of it anyways

  3. @natedog: Yup, it was a gift from my sister a while back. It’s just about 8″ x 8″, a pencil sketch of a woman in 3 different poses, the center one she has a bouquet of colored flowers instead of a head, and then there’s a hand study in the corner. Man I would be so pissed off to loose 25 Dali prints. I can’t even imagine. That sucks.

    I have favorites, but don’t have a favorite.

  4. There was an gallery here that had a bunch of his sketches for sale. They were going for $300 to $12,000 and I though about buying a couple, but then I realized its stupid. Dali is like Picasso, you can put his name on any shit and people will buy that up.

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