Fish Bite Naked Chinese Man’s ‘Wrong Parts’ During Spa’s ‘Special Water Treatment’

Fish that are supposed to clear people’s skin by eating off the dead layers bit a man’s private parts after he stepped in the water naked at a hot spring club in Dalian, Liaoning province.

The man, who had visited the spa for a “special water treatment”, sat in the water for half an hour without realizing the special fish were nibbling on his special parts instead of the dead skin.

The manager of the club saw the man bleeding as he stepped out of the water and rushed him to a nearby hospital.

The manager however refused to compensate the man, saying it was mandatory to keep pants on during treatments in the club.

China Daily


4 thoughts on “Fish Bite Naked Chinese Man’s ‘Wrong Parts’ During Spa’s ‘Special Water Treatment’

  1. I’ve actually had done this treatment a couple of times. I sat in a comfy chair, had my feet in a plastic tray w/ water and these fishies, and they ‘ate’ my psoriasis. A tad pricey, but worth it. Unfortunately the only place that did this closed a couple of months ago.

  2. @tiki god: The concern is prolly because psoriasis (unlike excema) is an autoimmune disease (that attacks all organs, including the skin) and requires immune suppressing drugs to treat. That makes us more susceptible to various diseases.

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