6 thoughts on “Awesome Versus Sports Commercial

  1. ugh. is it sad that I tuned him completely out after he says something to the effect of “hey, science and reality says this…but fuck that, we’re playing sporta, rah rah rah”

    1. Yes quite sad actually, you are completely missing what he is saying due to your nerdyness Tiki. He is saying stats and reality mean nothing, it’s the things we do not account for in sports that makes them exciting and entertaining. In sports we do not account for the never give up fighting attitude of the human spirit and the skill it takes to be perfect for one moment in the name of sport. Going way beyond science, statistics and “reality”. Which is what I ment by the essence of sport. I hope this is clear.

      Also, Internet-D is looking shexy. Nice work.

    2. Yes puul, but commentators, etc…do. So it’s not usually a big surprise. But every once in a very long while, it happens. Watching the Mets 1986 season was amazing. The play-offs and World Series almost killed me from excitement. I’ve left NYC, but I can’t leave the Mets. I’ve tried following the Orioles and even the Nats, but it’s a no-go. I’ve been watching the Mets since 1969 and I can’t let ’em go.

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