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Deep in the desert wastes of Egypt, a great superconducting ring sat untouched for thousands of years. Finally unearthed, this great Stargate was eventually harnessed and brought back to Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station in Colorado to be studied.

What isn’t well known, however, was many hundreds of smaller rings, each no bigger than a hands-breadth, were also unearthed. The large Stargates took our scientists nigh on 60 years to understand. The little ones, however, have yet to be figured out. Where they visualizing models for the real thing? Could they have been keepsakes or mementos for the Goa’uld builders? Or possibly tiny gateways for mice-shaped hyperintelligent pan-dimensional beings? We may never know.

The SG-1 program, however, ran out of money in season 10 – er, I mean – 2007, and Cheyenne Mountain had to liquidate its assets. Therefore, we took this miniscule Stargates, placed rippled surfaces inside the rings and called them coasters. Put your drinks on ’em so your desk doesn’t get rings.

How the mighty have fallen, eh? Sad. Still, you get to benefit! So, cool!

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but still this is a cute idea.  you might wonder why your cups keep vaporizing though 😉

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