Tyler Durden Would Be Proud of This Teen Age Arsonist

fight club Tyler Durden Would Be Proud of This Teen Age Arsonist

The explosion appears to have been modeled on a scene from the 1999 film “Fight Club,” the New York Police Department said. The predawn Memorial Day blast, from an explosive device, damaged a sidewalk bench and shattered windows at the shop, but no one was injured.

The teenager, Kyle Shaw, 17, of 250 West 27th Street in the Chelsea section of Manhattan, charged with arson, criminal possession of a weapon and criminal mischief, Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly said.

Mr. Shaw was arrested near his home, and the authorities found on him a DVD of “Fight Club” and a box of sparklers as well as a newspaper clipping reporting on the Starbucks bombing. Mr. Shaw had bragged to friends that he was responsible for the bombing, police said, and had started an underground fight club modeled on the one in the 1999 film. “His statements indicated he was launching his own Project Mayhem,” police said.

Bomb squad technicians have reconstructed the explosive device, which they believe was made of a plastic bottle with a metal cap, electrical tape and a hand-lighted fuse. Explosive material from fireworks was used to create the bomb, Mr. Kelly said.

New York Times

You have to trust Tyler.

And newspapers can print a criminals personal address? WTF!

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