Obama Derangement Syndrome


Last week, a U.S. Army major named Stefan Frederick Cook made news when he refused deployment to Afghanistan on the grounds that President Barack Obama might not be a natural-born citizen and therefore is constitutionally ineligible to give orders as commander in chief. Now Cook’s lawyer says she has 170 more soldiers willing to file similar protests against the president.
Welcome to the world of the “Birthers”—right-wing conspiracy theorists committed to undoing the 2008 presidential election by trying to prove that Barack Obama was not born in the United States. The movement is evidence that Obama Derangement Syndrome is going viral from the far right, proliferating beyond fringe-festival Internet sites. It’s in danger of a quiet mainstreaming along partisan lines—reaching into talk radio, cable news, the armed services, and even the halls of Congress.
… Anchor Kitty Pilgrim then went through a thorough 3-1/2 minute dismantling of the Birther arguments, including the long-ago issuance of Obama’s August 1961 certificate of live birth, its validation by Hawaii’s Republican Gov. Linda Lingle, and two birth announcements published in Honolulu papers. (Both FactCheck.org and Snopes have published detailed investigations and refutations of the non-scandal.)

Asked what more he needed to be convinced, Keyes’ response was an instant classic in the clueless overconfidence of conspiracy theorists:

“Some evidence.”

Taitz claims both parents have to be American citizens in order for the child to be a citizen. She is not only insane; she’s stupid.
Daily Beast: John Avlon

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7 thoughts on “Obama Derangement Syndrome

  1. Okay, I never thought this was a good argument. In fact, I think its down right silly.

    However, I also heard about something. I don’t know if its true, but they said if you leave the country for more than 2 years before your 18 then you lose the right. This seems odds to me, but I’m not very good at finding legal answers. Anyone know the truth about this?

  2. the birth certificate is viewable online, and i believe Obama to be a natural born US citizen.


    but calling people “birthers” and right wing conspirators is just fucking stupid and asinine, because the people have a right to demand that their president is constitutionally eligible to serve in office.

    i guarantee that 95% of the ‘birthers’ would STFU if they saw the Birth Certificate

  3. It blows my mind how something like this can gain so much traction.
    Also, I wonder what other things Alan Keyes (sp?) doesn’t believe in: The moon landing? Germ theory? God?

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