Gates 911 call

Pro police people are saying that it wasn’t racial since the 911 caller never identified the men as black, breaking in to the house. It sounded to me at the 2 minute mark that the 911 operator asked if they’re black or hispanic, white didn’t seem to be an option.
Daily Beast:
Here it is: the 911 call made by Henry Louis Gates Jr.’s neighbor, as she witnessed what she thought may have been a break-in. The caller does not describe Gates or his companion as “black.”

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1 thought on “Gates 911 call

  1. oh wow. so here’s the proof that I was wondering about, did the police know that the guy in the house was likely the home owner?

    answer: yes. yes they knew it was likely the homeowner. They knew that going on, so why was there a huge production made out of it?

    answer: the cops were idiots and did something incredibly stupid.

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